the vegan yacht

safe, healthy, fresh vegan dishes that anyone can enjoy. close your eyes, point, then order. it will be tasty.

about our food

  • all of our ingredients are cruelty-free and gmo-free
  • we strive to be 100% organic and use only the best stuff.
  • we make most of our sauces and products from scratch like our seitan, cashew cheese, cashew sour creem, chorizos, salsas and more… it helps with making sure its 100% organic. 
  • no microwaves or fried shit
  • we use low or no salt in everything.
  • We cook only with distilled water for purity and amazing taste(who else does that?)
  • we make most of our products from scratch.
  • my wife (danielle) and i (mike) own and operate this business by ourselves every day of the week! we work hard to make the only diet that improves and strengthens human health as well as the earth available for the people who are interested in helping themselves.
  • if the company we support is bigger than a farm then we have researched them and they stand for the earth and not cutting corners on quality, wages, or processing.
  • we are sick of fucking chemicals (buttons available if the feelings mutual)